My favourite, favourite, favourite thing to do in the whole world is to go walkies! Jalan-jalan! That means walkies! I’m Gemuk! That means fat! I love jalan-jalan! I love it more than anything else, except maybe food, Gila, the humans, sleeping, my toys, treats and.. I love treats! I love them almost as much as jalan-jalan! Walkies! I love jalan-jalan! Today, I went jalan-jalan! That means walkies! I went jalan-jalan to the pet shop, to buy treats! I love treats! And we bought a toy for Gila! I love Gila! I love toys! And we walked back from the pet shop! Walkies! Lots of people said I’m cute! Lots of people always want to hug me when I go walkies! Jalan-jalan! Sometimes, I meet other dogs who are walking. Sometimes, I sniff their butt. Sometimes, they sniff my butt. The other dogs all walk more slowly than me. I like running. I love running! Jalan-jalan! I love treats!

Jalan-jalan! Walkies! Woooo! Wooo!