Santa Day!

Today was Santa Day, and I don’t really know what that means, but I got all dressed up in a very pretty red outfit and was taken outside and got lots and lots and lots of attention! I also ran into another doggie, and the doggie was very strange and attacked me and stuff, but it was all good fun, even though I wasn’t really all that sure what was going on. I had lots of fun and I want it to be Santa Day every day!


Oooh look, a fire truck, black and red like me!

Oooh look, a fire truck, black and red like me!







Survived the attack… yay!


Birthday Parties Are For Idiots Only

So, it was that time of the year again.. my stupid sister had her birthday, and the humans thought it was a good idea to celebrate (as if something as insignificant as that is worth celebrating!) by throwing a party and inviting a bunch of other humans. Seems like only last month when she had her first birthday, and I was forced to wear a stupid blue hat all night long.. very demeaning.

At least things couldn’t get worse this year round, right?


They thought it was funny for me to wear not one, but two stupid little hats. I mean, do they even understand how uncomfortable those elastic straps are for my sensitive physique?

Once again, not amused

I also had to wear some kind of ugly yellow napkin with stupid drawings of cupcakes on it. Very classy. Very stylish.

Yeah, laugh, why don’t you? Very funny.

Anyway, as much as I hated the whole experience, I guess it won’t kill me to lower myself to her level one day a year, and wish my silly fat sister a very happy birthday. Yay! (Ahem..)

Happy birthday, you crazy *****!