Review: Stewart’s Cream Soda bottle cap

The humans left me a new toy the other day. As per usual, they didn’t even have the decency to give it to me – I had to go find it myself, abandoned as it was on the table in the lounge. I have to admit: I was pleasantly surprised. The built quality of this toy is excellent, and it proved to be hugely entertaining. I also appreciate the fact that it’s small enough for me to easily manipulate with my paws, and even hold in my mouth when I want to carry it somewhere (to dump it in my water bowl, for example). I’m not a big fan of the colour (the shiny golden surface makes it a bit tacky), but that’s only a minor complaint.

All in all, a pretty nice Christmas gift, even though it came almost a week late.

Fun toy.

Fun toy.

Bottle capped.

Bottle capped.

Quite a pleasant feeling.

Quite a pleasant feeling.

Entertainment value: 5/5
Durability: 5/5
Looks: 3/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5


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