Review: Zanies 8-Inch Rope Menagerie Dog Toy, Giraffe

Helllooo! Long time no blog blog! I’ve been busy. No, not really. I’ve been lazy.. hehehe! Too hot for bloggin’. I like blogging. Yay! I also like treats, and toys, and walkies. It’s too hot for walkies right now. I like treats, and toys! This is one of my favourite toys of all time, and I really like it, almost as much as my moose, but I like my moose more. Yay, the moose! Gemoose! I like the moose. But I like this toy too! It’s a giraffe.. Geraffe? Gemuk, Gemoose, Geraffe. Hehehe! It’s yellow, like my brother’s eyes, and it’s made out of rope. It’s really awesome to chew on, almost as awesome as chewing on treats, but I like treats more. I really like treats. And my moose. And my giraffe. It’s yellow. My brother’s eyes are yellow too. I like my brother, he has a weird face. My giraffe had a weird face too, but its face is kinda gone now. Gila’s face is still weird.

Face no more

Fun factor: 4/5 – lots of fun – yay! – but not quite as fun as the moose

Chewiness: 4/5 – very fun to chew on, but not quite as fun to chew on as treats

Durability: 3/5 – it’s still chewable, but it doesn’t really look like a giraffe anymore.. hehehe.. oops!

Value for money: I dunno?


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