Review: Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps

Today, I tried new food. Yay! Cookies! They were very yummy, and I would like to thank the humans for leaving these tasty waffle thingies out for little me. They were in  a shiny wrapper and they were a bit difficult to get out and lick and eat and stuff, but I think the humans just forgot to put them in my bowl. Still, it was very nice of them to share them with me.

It was a bit strange that they didn’t give me any doggie food for dinner when they came home. They also seemed a little bit confused when they saw there were no more cookies left. They probably forgot they had given them to me, and they must have forgotten to feed me my dog food too. They’re forgetting a lot of things these days. Good thing I am smart and know how to feed myself.

For me? Thank you! Yay!

Taste: 5/5.. yummy!

Nutritional value: I dunno what this means

Value for money: I dunno?


Review: Zanies 8-Inch Rope Menagerie Dog Toy, Giraffe

Helllooo! Long time no blog blog! I’ve been busy. No, not really. I’ve been lazy.. hehehe! Too hot for bloggin’. I like blogging. Yay! I also like treats, and toys, and walkies. It’s too hot for walkies right now. I like treats, and toys! This is one of my favourite toys of all time, and I really like it, almost as much as my moose, but I like my moose more. Yay, the moose! Gemoose! I like the moose. But I like this toy too! It’s a giraffe.. Geraffe? Gemuk, Gemoose, Geraffe. Hehehe! It’s yellow, like my brother’s eyes, and it’s made out of rope. It’s really awesome to chew on, almost as awesome as chewing on treats, but I like treats more. I really like treats. And my moose. And my giraffe. It’s yellow. My brother’s eyes are yellow too. I like my brother, he has a weird face. My giraffe had a weird face too, but its face is kinda gone now. Gila’s face is still weird.

Face no more

Fun factor: 4/5 – lots of fun – yay! – but not quite as fun as the moose

Chewiness: 4/5 – very fun to chew on, but not quite as fun to chew on as treats

Durability: 3/5 – it’s still chewable, but it doesn’t really look like a giraffe anymore.. hehehe.. oops!

Value for money: I dunno?